Earthquake Hangers

seismic hangers

Seismic hangers for pipes are structural components used to reduce vibration and shaking of pipes. These hangers make the pipes more resistant to gravity and other external influences. Seismic hangers increase the flexibility of the pipes, minimize damage that may occur during earthquakes and ensure stable operation of the pipes. Additionally, seismic hangers ensure the long life of the pipes and reduce maintenance costs. These hangers are used in many industries such as power plants and the oil and gas industry. Seismic hangers, which increase the safety and durability of pipes, play an important role in industrial facilities and infrastructure projects.

Benefits of Earthquake Hangers:

  1. Protection: Earthquake hangers protect the fire installation against seismic movements, preventing damage to the installation.

  2. Continuity: When seismic protection of the fire installation is ensured, the proper operation of the installation is more assured during a fire.

  3. Safety: Seismic protection of fire installations increases the safety of people in the building, as the risk of uncontrolled spread of fire due to damage to the installation after an earthquake is reduced.

  4. Compliance: Many building codes and standards require seismic protection of fire installations. Earthquake hangers help meet these requirements.

Seismic Earthquake Hangers

Dilatation Seismic Earthquake Set

Longitudinal Seismic Earthquake Hanger

Longitudinal and Transverse Seismic Earthquake Hanger

Transverse Seismic Earthquake Hanger

Four Way Earthquake Hanger

Earthquake Hangers Used in Fire Installations: Fire installations are systems used to prevent the spread of fire and extinguish the fire in case of a fire in a building. It is vital that the fire system works properly. However, preventing damage to the installation during seismic movements is as important as extinguishing the fire.

Earthquake hangers are devices used to protect fire installations against seismic movements. These hangers connect plumbing pipes or equipment to the building's load-bearing structural elements or steel frame. Hangers prevent excessive movement and shaking of the installation during vibrations that occur during an earthquake. This is very important to avoid damaging the installation and compromising fire safety.

Earthquake Hangers

In fire installation design, earthquake hangers ensure the correct installation and protection of the installation. This increases the reliability of the installation during a fire and also contributes to efforts to ensure the overall durability and safety of the building.

We use an application called auto sprink to make calculations about earthquake suspension in this product.