Smoke and Heat Evacuation Systems

smoke & heat exhaust ventilation system

Natural Smoke Evacuation Systems

The hot combustion gases that occur during a fire (Smoke) of the environment starting from the top, down, and sideways moves. Thus, the field propagates all on fire. Fire rate of spread, burning the energy emitted during the combustion of materials depends on. A large portion of this heat energy and carries the fire, the smoke gases spread to the environment with the entire area. Soon the fire spread and sprinkler systems and other fire-fighting system is insufficient in the case of a fire, for maintaining the position of natural ventilation in the fire zone doors, automatic or manual opening of smoke to be disposed on the outside of the building is provided.

Smoke evacuation systems, aimed at preventing the spread of fire in addition to the use of the environment they are used in natural ventilation. In the design of smoke evacuation systems, the heat energy emitted during the combustion of flammable materials in the environment, it is important to pay attention to. The heat emitted by the industrial plant in the environment of the process equipment are taken into consideration. The intensity and distribution of these elements in the evacuation valves are taken into consideration. Typically, the total useful area of the roof smoke cover the area of 1-3%.

Fire, smoke doors, fire technique and various types and sizes according to the architectural requirements - it's too manufactured. Actuation mechanisms, usually pneumatic or electric motor.

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Fire and Smoke Curtains

Fire and smoke curtains, temperature resistant, glass fiber, etc. with micronized aluminum and coated with various polymers or textile braided products. prevents the spread of fire and fire locked to specific regions.

A smoke screen, designed to descend to a certain height from the roof of the building. In this way, to prevent the spread of smoke, the smoke is collected in the pool that you created above.

The reason for fire spread by preventing the spread of fire fire curtains to be set every three draw. Because of this, the roof of the building in the bottom (floor) must go up.

Fire-smoke curtains, time of penetration, various; 30, 60, 90, 120 (or more) minutes, hard or driven as they are produced by taking control the automated fire alarm system.