Special Extinguishing Systems

special extinguishing systems

Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems

Dry chemical and wet foam extinguishing systems, protected areas, damage to the devices, the duration of suppression is desired to be kept short in cases where it is preferred. Fm200 and CO2 gas can be used. FM 200, Halon gas began to be used instead. Eco-friendly and life is short atmospheric gas. Ozana doesn't hurt. The ODP value is 0. Colourless and odourless.

FM 200 gas fire extinguishing systems EM 200 gas fire and corrosive and electrically conductive in the aftermath of the lack of, due to the fact that, in the protection of the area where sensitive equipment is located is preferred. A low concentration with high extinguishing effect. Fm200 extinguishing concentration is also highest in the presence of living things can be used with confidence even in. FM 200 systems for Class A surface fires, Class B flammable liquid fires and class C fires in electrical equipment is active. The compression ratio is high compared to other gases because the low space requirement and hence the number of tubes in the tube that you will need. IT, Information Centres, archives, museums, medical devices, rooms, stores, libraries, and fm200 gas fire extinguishing systems are used are places where historical buildings.

CO2 in air 50% more than a dense, colorless, odorless, and electrically non-conductivegas. Is kept as a liquid in high pressure cylinders. Although the use of Halon gas has diminished with the output of a system due to the low filling cost, it is preferable for the preservation of the environment is still unmanned.

  • Inert Gaseous Extinguishing Systems

  • CO2 Gaseous Extinguishing Systems

  • FM-200 Gaseous Extinguishing Systems

  • Water Mist System

  • NOVEC1230

Water Mist Extinguishing Systems

Systems with these properties; water from high pressure nozzles by spraying water droplets on the micron scale is based on the reduction of. Due to the high heat and the latent heat of water, the level of cooling, the best FireExtinguisher. Classic is used and a large amount of water extinguishing systems located in the neighborhood turned off the water, the risk of damage to materials and equipment is high. The system needs a very small amount compared to classical wet sprinkler systems to water. A (wood, paper), B (liquid fuel) and C (Electrical) fire fighting and effective on Class A fires, as did the fast re-formation, combustion suppressing prevents.

The advantages of water mist extinguishing system are:

1 Choke: Es volume with water evaporating oxygen detract from the environment.

2.Sorption: Micrometric size of the water droplets creates a large surface heat collector.

The temperature 500c from 40C falls to within a few seconds.

  • Water mist systems, gas extinguishing systems, which is a suitable alternative to be used in conjunction with other modern fighting systems. In addition to applications in industrial facilities, turbine rooms, machine rooms.generator rooms, data processing centers, archives, and warehouses the use of tunnels is increasing.

3.Water Fog: Absorb the radiated heat and prevents the damage of the fire. Due to the sudden evaporation of small water droplets absorbs heat from the environment.