Water Extinguishing Systems

water based extinguishing systems

People are concentrated; Large buildings, Wet Extinguishing Systems Equipments AVMs, storage areas, fire extinguishment or control in factories For which a sprinkler is preferred. The most obvious feature of this system is its wide Control areas, and automatically activate only in the area where fire is present.


Pre-Reaction System

When there is no fire, accidental discharge of water or leak outcome is high or critical To protect places where value materials or equipment should not be damaged used. If a sprinkler headpiece or tube is damaged, water will not enter the system. Fire In addition to the operation of the sprinkler head, in the detection system Water is allowed to enter the system.

Working Features:

  • Filled under the monitored air pressure of the pipeline

  • Closed-type sprinklers are used, each sprinkler is independently heated only.

  • The sensitive release element works when it is running.

  • The system is triggered by a separate system with a detector in the protected area.

  • The system works in two phases;

First phase; Triggering the detectors activates the control valve bringing the water pressure to the bottom of the pipeline.

First phase; Triggering the detectors activates the control valve bringing the water pressure to the bottom of the pipeline.


With the detection of the sensor, the water is rapidly It wets the entire protected area by discharging from all open sprinklers or nozzles. This system suddenly Water is used in places where there is a high risk of fire needed.

Working Principles
  • Boring involves air or water under atmospheric pressure

  • Open type sprinklers or nozzles are used. After the system is triggered

  • All the open sprinklers start to emit the same water from their heads.

  • The system is triggered by a separate detector system in the protected area.

  • By working with the system detectors active, the entire system is pressurized

Equipment Wet Sprinkler Systems

  • Sprinkler
  1. Equipment Wet Sprinkler Systems

  2. Quick Response Sprinklers

  3. Sprinkler Warehouse

  4. Special Sprinklers

  5. Residential Sprinklers

  • Fire Cabinets
  1. Fire Hose Assembly (Roller Type)

  2. Fire Hose Assembly (Rack Type)

  3. Hose Valve

  • Pipe Stubs

  1. Mechanical

  2. Tee

  3. Threaded

  4. Grooved

  5. Dovetail

  • Sprey Nozzles
  1. Medium Speed Nozzles

  2. High Velocity Nozzles

  3. Foam Sprinklers

  4. Spray Nozzles Gating

  5. Other Spray Nozzles

  • Fire Hydrants
  1. Above-Ground Fire Hydrants

  2. Underground Fire Hydrants

  3. Dry Barell Hydrants

  4. Wet Barell Hydrants

  5. Wall Hydrants

  • Pipe Hangers
  1. Pipe Hangers

  2. Hanger Accessories

  • Valves
  1. Wet Alarm Valves

  2. Dry Alarm Valve

  3. Deluge Valves

  4. Preaction Valves

  5. Outside Stem and Yoke(OS&Y)Valve

  6. Non-Rising Stem (NRS) Valve

  7. Butterfly Valves

  8. Pressure Relief Valves

  9. Pressure Reducing Valves

  10. Check Valves

  11. Ball Valve

  12. Angle Valve

  13. Gate Valve

  14. Back Flow Preventer

  15. Air Relief Valve

  • Seismic Bracing
  1. Universal Seismic Bracing

  2. Lateral Seismic Sway Bracing

  3. Longitudinal Seismic Sway Bracing

  4. 4-way Seismic Sway Bracing

  5. Dilatation System

  6. Seismic Steel, Rope, System

  • Other Equipment
  1. Fire Hose

  2. Reel Water mist nozzle

  3. Portable Extinguisher

  4. Flow Meter

  5. Manometer

  6. Road-way box

  7. Post Inducator

  • Trims
  1. Valve Trims

  2. Pump Accessories

  • Switch/Sensor
  1. Water Flow Switch

  2. Pressure Alarm Switch

  3. Temper Switch

  • Pipe Fittings
  1. Underground Pipe Fittings

  2. Aboveground Pipe Fittings